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"RAKUTEI" for sale
★ Construction is possible without digging a hole in the ground
"RAKUTEI" does not need to be dug and filled, so it can be installed on concrete.
★ Authentic Japanese garden
"RAKUTEI" is a real Japanese garden designed by a designer specializing in Japanese gardens.
★ Genuine material
"RAKUTEI" is made of genuine materials such as stone, bamboo, gravel, and lanterns, that is, natural materials. Therefore, it tastes better over time.
★ Variety (optional in the future)
★ Can be disassembled and moved at any time
"RAKUTEI" is pre-cut for easy assembly. Therefore, it can be disassembled compactly and carried.
★ OK indoors
"RAKUTEI" can be easily installed even on the entrance or flooring.
★ You can arrange it freely even after completion
"RAKUTEI" can be enjoyed by changing the sand pattern after installation.
★ Many options planned in the future
"RAKUTEI" is scheduled to release various options.