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    Original design order "RAKUTEI"
    Request points a. Garden Space Our Japanese Garden responds any Space area and space shape.
    You will send the space size and space shape with measurements.
    It helps our design creation. Please describe the site size of the planned garden space according to the example.

    b. Indoor or Outside open space Our Japanese garden responds whichever indoor or outside open space.
    You will send several pictures surrounding the space which you build Japanese garden.
    It gives you more attractive our design of Japanese garden matching the space.
    Also your information for the space whether possible to dig floor helps us to make design creation.
    c. Conditions Water supply/drain equipment and Eclectic power available helps our design creation.(Attractive objects using Water) (Creations using electric power)
    d. Select an image of a Japanese garden Please select the Japanese garden you want to imagine. Design based on the image you choose. Please refer to "Izumo style garden equipment" for the meaning in the design.
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    e. Reasons for installing Please tell me the reason why you want to set up a Japanese garden. That feeling is useful for design. Please be as specific as possible.
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