Message from our team
As one of the people who have constructed gardens in Izumo for generations, it is my strong desire to convey the wonder of Izumo-style gardens to the world. The reason is that gardens are indispensable for the life of the people of Izumo, who have inherited the traditional Japanese lifestyle that has cherished been cherished over generations. Placing tea and pickles on the edge of the veranda, they gather their friends for a break from farm work, and enjoy a moment of conversation while viewing an Izumo-style garden. Gardens have been the center of communities. They are also places to enjoy drinking tea and are connected with many traditional cultural crafts such as tea, tea ware, pickles, Japanese sweets, pottery, and calligraphy. That is, the Izumo-style garden represents Japanese culture itself as well as the relationships between people. Our mission is to convey the value of such a deeply meaningful garden to many people and create spaces where people can experience the gardens. It is our sincere hope that this will help you to understand our activities and look forward to our future activities.