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Takeda Landscaping is a company specializing in Japanese gardens that handles everything from the design, construction, and maintenance of Japanese gardens, with the aim of creating a rich life through landscaping techniques such as those featured in Japanese gardens. While there are many types of Japanese gardens, we specialize in the "Izumo-style garden", which is a garden style from the Izumo region of Shimane Prefecture that has been handed down to the present day, and we continue to engage in research to further develop the garden style.
The characteristic of "Izumo style garden" is the arrangement of stones, which comprises the lead role of the garden. The Japanese reverence for stones dates back to ancient times and is inherited from iwakura (stones in which kami [gods] reside). What the Japanese revere as kami derives from their awe for nature. Shinto (a faith born from the daily lives of Japanese people) with its mythology has been passed down since ancient times in Japan. The kami (gods) of Shinto consist of gods of the sea, gods of the mountains, gods of natural objects and phenomena such as the wind, gods of clothing, food, shelter and livelihood, and the gods of land reclamation. Thus, it is said that there are eight million gods in existence. The Izumo region of Shimane prefecture is well known as the setting for Japanese mythology. In October, gods from across Japan gather in Izumo to hold a meeting on world peace and human relationships. Therefore, in Izumo, the month of October is called "Kamiarizuki (the month when the gods are present)", while in areas other than Izumo, it is called "Kannazuki (the month without gods)". Izumo has a unique culture featuring gardens, etc. and the type of Japanese garden that has been passed down from ancient times in the Izumo region is called the "Izumo-style garden". The Izumo-style garden reflects the eras and culture of Japan and has been passed down to the present day. Takeda Landscaping promotes the significance and value of Izumo-style gardens to the world and engages in sales of gardens.