Design case and meaning of "RAKUTEI"
NO1.RAKUTEI- "Izumo style garden"
★ Product specifications
Izumo stone lanterns will be placed on the left side of the garden. In front of the garden, place a stepping stone that connects to the stone lantern. Place three god stones on the right side of the garden. A bamboo fence will be installed in the background of the garden. Spread gravel over the entire garden. Draw a sand crest on the gravel.

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★ Product description
Stepping stones heading for the stone lantern means going to light the stone lantern. The light has the effect of brightening the surroundings and purifying the mind. Even if you don't turn on the light, the stone lantern itself represents the light. The three stones that make you feel the big mountains represent the three gods.
This garden design contains an auspicious story that brightens the world.
Design caseの著作権です。