ⅰ.Izumo style garden in the Japanese garden
【Izumo, the only place in Japan where gods gather】
Eight million gods have been worshiped in Japan since ancient times, meaning that gods dwell everywhere. In October, the gods gather from all over Japan to hold a summit on national prosperity, abundant harvest, and marriage. The venue of the summit is a famous shrine called Izumo Taisha. Therefore, in Japan, October is called Kannazuki, which means the month in which the gods are not present. However, only in Izumo, the venue for the summit, October is called Kamiarizuki, which means the month in which the gods are present. This is recorded in ancient myths in Japan. The Izumo region is the only region in Japan that is famous as a place where the gods gather.
【Japanese garden】
A garden that has been passed down in Japan as a garden that is a microcosm of natural scenery. Various wishes and thoughts are put into the creation of the garden, and the there is deep intent regarding the design. The beauty of Japanese gardens in recent years has been recognized around the world, and the gardens are becoming more popular worldwide.
【Izumo-style garden】
A type of Japanese garden. It is a garden style that has been passed down in the Izumo region, the hometown of the gods of Japan. A unique Japanese garden that combines a dry rock landscape, a characteristic of Japanese gardens, and tea ceremony.